Jon Rolie fore West Fargo Mayor
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I want to be your Mayor!

Jon Rolie, age unknown but a long, long, long time resident of West Fargo, announced his bid for Mayor of West Fargo at a star studded news conference on April 1, 2002.

CNN Headline News reporters flocking to the news conference were unfortunately snowed in at the Atlanta airport and unable to attend.



Rolie, often deep in thought on the complex issues of the day, is caught here in a rare moment as he smiles and reflects upon the simpler times when West Fargoans were all proud to be of Norwegian heritage and true Viking fans.  
But moments later...
"Lately" he said, as a tear rolled down his weathered face and clearing the lump in his throat, "I have seen some West Fargo residents wearing green jackets with the letter G on them.  It is time to end such disgrace, it will be purple for all when I'm elected."


Being a Mayor

"Paperwork is not my strong suit." Rolie said as he discussed his strengths and strengths.  "I'll print the forms and documents and hire some pencil-necks to read and fill them out."  

"I will run a clean campaign and address the issues head-on.  I would remind my opponent however, that these horns are sharp, so he better not bend over."


On Recreational Facilities

"When I'm elected you won't have to drive more than six blocks before you find an 18 hole golf course!  It's high time we focus our resources on amenities the Great Citizens of West Fargo can enjoy."  Rolie also detailed plans to incorporate land North of the city to develop a hunting preserve and a lake stocked with walleye. 


On the Campaign Trail

"Shaking hands and kissing babies is the most fun part of being on the campaign trail."  Rolie's campaign platform includes some very detailed and complex plans, but he likes to make his vision simple when communicating with the public.  Some of his visionary plans are:

  • A Horse Race Track in West Fargo
  • A Minnesota Vikings Superbowl Trophy
  • Cheaper Beer at FM RedHawks Games
  • Three Day Weekends for NDSU Employees
  • Give West Acres School Tax Base to Fargo
It's Time for a Change
Your Future is Now
No More Politics as Usual
Putting People First
A Leader, Not a Politician
I'll Fight For You in City Hall
A Chicken in Every Pot
Common Sense Government
Making Your Vote Count
Representation for Everyone

(all other unique campaign slogans equally apply to this campaign)


Vote fore Jon Rolie fore West Fargo Mayor!
A Vote fore Rolie will Make You Jolly!
Campaign donations welcome, they help pay the green fees.


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